21 Nov

Mandatory Rule Change Clinic

During a rule change year, it is mandatory for at least one representative per team to attend a rule change clinic.

The clinic for Regional level coaches will be held on Monday, December 4th in room 202 (across from the elevator) at Walter Baker starting at 7:00 p.m.

Please ensure that one member of the bench staff for each regional team attends this clinic.

21 Nov

Jenny MacKean Trust Fund

Many of our WORA family members have been reaching out to see how they can assist long time WORA player Jenny MacKean after the tragic loss of her mother Bernice Hennessey to cancer recently, only a short three years after the death of her father, Rob MacKean.

A trust fund for Jenny, who is currently in grade 11, is being administered by her family. Donations can be made via cheques payable to “Glenda Carwardine”, donors may write in the memo portion of the cheque – “In trust for Jennifer MacKean” and leave it in our WORA mailbox at the GRC, or given to any Board member. Donations can also be made by e-transfer to glenda.carwardine@gmail.com.

Mrs. Carwardine will acknowledge all donations with a receipt.

Please contact Alison Press at vicepresident@westottawaringette.com for further information.

Over the years, many of our members have felt great honour and pride in being a part of a ringette community that has responded generously and quickly to our families when they need our support.

20 Nov

Nepean Tournament Congratulations

Congratulations to U9 Ferguson, U12 Ferguson, U10 Nunnikoven, U10 Bell and U16B Burke on their great success this weekend at the Nepean Tournament.

U9 Ferguson (Gold)

Congratulations to U9 Ferguson for their gold medal performance this weekend. The girls played some amazing ringette, had a lot of fun and made some great memories along the way. Each and every girl played a major part on the weekend as well as in the championship game.

U10 Nunnikoven (Gold) and Bell (Silver)

Congratulations to both U10-Nunnikhoven and U10-Bell for a 1-2 finish at the Nepean Ringette Annual Tournament. After a back and forth game where both sides brought their best, U10-Nunnikhoven captured gold in a 6-5 win over U10-Bell who earned the silver.

After the game both teams were full of smiles and celebrated as friends.

U12 Ferguson (Gold)

Congratulations to the U12R Ferguson team on their gold medal this weekend in the Nepean tournament. The girls came ready to play in the final and played an outstanding defensive game against Arnprior winning the final 6-1. The girls were pumped up and excited all weekend long and their energy showed on the ice. An amazing team effort with all girls part of the team’s success.

U16B Burke

Congratulations to U16B Burke who earned Silver in a great finals match against Nepean.


14 Nov

2017-2019 Rule Change Summary

Investing PrinciplesThere are a number of changes to the rules for 2017-2019 rule change cycle.

Many of these changes simply clarify rules in order that they may be interpreted correctly and consistently with how the rules are currently applied.


Follows these links for more details


Please also note the following rule change from the ORA:

Starting this season in Ontario, any four minute fully served penalty that cannot be served during the remaining clock time of the game shall result in a one game suspension. This includes any such fully served penalty assessed after the end of the game.