05 Oct

Eastern Region AAA Challenge Cup: October 10-12

The 1st AAA Challenge Cup of the season is happening here in Eastern Region next weekend! Check out the schedule on the Score2Stats link.  http://www.score2stats.com/20152016/01aaa201515010/

Mon Oct. 12  8:00 AM  Goulbourn Rec  Arena  (Stittsville)   Eastern vs Central

Mon Oct. 12  9:30 AM  GRC    Arena Northeast vs Southern

Mon Oct. 12  11:00 AM GRC   United  vs Western

Mon Oct. 12  3:00 PM   GRC     2nd vs 1st

AAA programs are held every two years in association with the Ontario Winter Games, with Ringette being one of about 20 sports that are held during the games. There are three challenge cups held through the regular season (Ottawa, St. Marys and Kingston this year). There are six teams made up from players in different regions across the province. Players also play on their regular Junior and Belle club teams through the season.

This year, West Ottawa is proud to share the news that a number of WORA coaches, players and alumni are participating on 2 of the AAA teams.  It would be great to show our support by attending a game or two!

Eastern AAA

  •  Emily Hogan
  •  Hanya Wyatt
  •  Ariana Mahaney
  •  Samantha Banning
  •  Bill Hubbs – coach (Carrie Lindsay’s dad)
  •  Jackie Banning – coach

 United AAA

  •  Lauren Flaborea
  •  Zoe Moore
  •  Melanie Vanderpol
  •  Bobby Jo Cavanagh
  •  Colleen Moore – coach
  •  Jessica Crouch – head coach