31 Oct

Photo Days are this Week!

Please see below for information on photo days (Note: some timeslots have changed).

Photo day has been set for Tuesday November 3rd and Wednesday November 4th
The photos will take place on the main concourse of the KRC arena.

Tuesday November 3rd

5:50PM U7 – JR Bunnies Black
6:10PM U7 – JR Bunnies Grey
6:30PM U8 – Barteaux
6:50PM U8 – Wyatt
7:10PM U12 – Burke
7:30PM U12 – Moore
7:45PM U14 – Young
8:00PM U14 – Hogan
8:30PM U16 – McMinn
8:45PM U19 – Winn

WEDNESDAY November 4th

5:50PM U7 – SR Bunnies Red
6:10PM U7 – SR Bunnies White
6:30PM U9 – Davis
6:45PM U10 – Leskiw
7:00PM U10 – Turner
7:15PM U10 – Cote
7:30PM U12 – Lindsay
7:45PM U12- Turner
8:00PM U14 – Baker
8:15PM U16 – Moore
8:30PM U16 – Blinn
8:45PM U16 – Gorham
9:00PM U19 – Gorham
9:15PM U14 – McMinn
9:30PM U19 – Leduc

Photo day Procedures

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time, (allowing time to place order and put on skates)
  • Please come dressed in full gear, wearing black jerseys (neck guards are not required unless preferred).
  • Bring skates to put on upon arrival. There will be special mats to walk on once skates are on.
  • Bring your stick to use for your individual photo.
  • Upon your arrival, please visit one of the cashier stations with your order form and payment.
  • We accept cash and checks only (no credit cards), please make checks out to InAction Photography.
  • Once your order has been completed, your team will be directed to one of the photography stations.
  • Individual photos will be taken first.

The entire process will take 15 minutes or less.  Due to high amount of teams, we will be unable to delay a team for absent players.  Any absent players will be given the opportunity to have their individual photo taken on our absentee night.  Absentees will not be added to the group photo.

Please contact InAction Photography if you have any questions or comments at Info@inactionphotography.ca