01 Jun

Off Season Program at Top Shelf Training Centre

For the 2016/2017 Ringette Season (starting on June 1st, 2016), all West Ottawa Ringette players that show proof of their membership (jacket, team wear, photo, etc) will receive 10% their purchase at Top Shelf Training Centre.

About Top Shelf

We will have Pre-sessions for baseline testing in STRENGTH, SPEED, ENDURANCE AND FLEXIBILITY and also a sit down with Chad on info in Nutrition and what kind of commitment is needed for the athlete to be successful.

Frequency will be at least 2 to 3 sessions a week of strength and conditioning, interchanging a day here and a day there with skating, stick-handling and/or shooting.

Workouts will be pre-arranged. All the athlete has to do is show up and prepare for hard work and have fun with buddies. Every session will have at least one trainer and will be anywhere from 60 minutes to 90 minutes of 4-6 athletes(Preferably same age group, may vary here and there depending on scheduling).

Knowledge and Recovery Initial Weeks (4 weeks)
  • Learning correct weight lifting techniques and keeping workouts light for body recovery from last season. Longer flexibility sessions to help teach the body to circulate well to help recovery from tougher workouts to come in future. Workouts will be mostly full body.
Shock and Strength Initiation (2 weeks)
  • Heavier weights with lower reps and pushing body to another level as best as we can.
Recovery Light Weights and Speed/Cardio/Agility (2 weeks)
  • Back to lighter weights incorporating a little more speed/cardio/agility/skating/shooting work.
Super Heavy Strength Building (3 weeks)
  • Very heavy weight training to build more power and strength in body.
Week of Active Rest (1 week)
  • Light cardio days. No weight training at all. Light activities for fun if possible lots of stretching.
Super Heavy Strength Building 2 (2 weeks)
  • Very heavy weight training to build more power and strength in body with explosive work as well
Recovery Light Weights and Speed/Cardio/Agility 2 (1 week)
  • Back to lighter weights incorporating more speed/cardio/agility/skating/shooting work
Maintenance and Injury Recovery Training (4 weeks-camp start)
  • Regular weight training with speed/cardio/agility/skating/shooting work til the start of camp.

If everything goes according to plan ATHLETE SHOULD BE READY TO GO!!!!

NOTE: There is room for error in sickness, holidays and/or injury but not much.

NEW THIS YEAR: Will be providing a protein shake after every workout.