30 Nov

Ringette Equipment Exchange

The Ringette Equipment Exchange – West Ottawa Facebook page has been created as a closed group to West Ottawa Ringette Association (WORA) members only.  The purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ringette sports equipment and/or WORA clothing among the members of our WORA community.

Members can request to join the group by contacting the administrator, Tina Watson, via this link and/or by clicking the Facebook icon at the top right of the West Ottawa Ringette Association website.  Only WORA members can participate to ensure there is a good geographical range in which items will be picked up.  It is suggested that since most rinks are used in the Stittsville, Kanata and Carp areas, that this can be used as meeting locations for exchanges and thereby home addresses need not be given out if there are privacy concerns (but this can be decided by users wanting to exchange equipment).

Items being offered need to be in good condition and the onus is on the person selling (or gifting items for free) for liability purposes.  It is highly recommended that if you are gifting an item for free, that you use a fair offer policy (FOP), such as letting an item be viewed for several hours before selecting a winner.
The Ringette Equipment Exchange page and program is not being run and/or administered by the West Ottawa Ringette Association, we are only promoting it to our members.  This is wholly run and administered by parents of ringette players.