25 Oct


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The NCRRL recently announced that it has changed its policy on mouth-guards from “required” to “recommended”.

In support of this change, WORA would like to confirm that we also recommend the use of mouth-guards by all of our players, for both practices and games. The decision for a player to not use a mouth-guard must be made by that player’s parents or guardians, and not by the player themselves (for players who are minors).

Note that teams playing in Quebec under the LERQ* or LRQ** are still required to wear mouth-guards for all games, regardless of where they play (i.e. they are required for games played in both Quebec and Ontario). Parents of players in these leagues may opt to allow their player to not wear a mouth-guard for practice, although doing so would be contrary to WORA’s recommendation.

* LERQ teams are U14AA, U16AA and U19AA
** LRQ teams are U16A and U19A