20 Mar

Regional Coaching Director Position – ERRA

Eastern Region Ringette Association (ERRA) is seeking a new Coaching Director for the Region. This is a volunteer position that involves the following responsibilities:

  • Representing the ERRA at two meetings of the Ontario Ringette Association (ORA) held in April and August;
  • Working with local Learning Facilitators to organize and deliver training for coaches in the Region;
  • Participating in one or more coaching meetings in early October designed to provide coaches with a better understanding of their training requirement;
  • Sharing information about coaching requirements via the ERRA web site; and
  • Participating in monthly meetings of the ERRA and assuming some other minor duties from time to time.

Although beneficial, a background in coaching is not required, as long as the Director has an understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a coach. Most of the tasks associated with the position can be done at any time, away from meetings, and training sessions can be organized well in advance.

In 2018-19, the outgoing Regional Coaching Director will set up the core courses, book rooms and instructors and will manage recording of attendance. The new Director will attend meetings of the ERRA, the ORA and the October Coaches meetings and will learn about how courses are booked over the year. The new Director will take over fully in May of 2019.

Anyone interested in the position should contact Don Grant, ERRA Coaching Coordinator, dongrant@sympatico.ca.