06 Mar

Spring/Summer 3 on 3 Ringette with NextGen

Please see the message below from NextGen, details regarding program are found within the link and a few frequently asked questions are below.



We are excited to announce the inaugural season of NEXT GEN 3 on 3… and we want YOU to be a part of it!

WHY 3 on 3?

In the game of ringette, we are constantly finding ourselves in 3 on 3 battles in the offensive and defensive zones. Playing 3 on 3 in a small area will help players develop the essential skills to find and create open ice to make themselves a passing option and a scoring threat. 3 on 3 Ringette will create diversity in each players game by playing both sides of the ring. Games will take place on the studio ice surface at CHDC (145 Iber Road) with the smaller pad promoting more action and keeping all players in the play at all times!



Hope to see you on the ice!


– 2 games per week, so roughly 1 hour of ice time

– teams will be balanced as best possible. On the registration form, please include any details you think are relevant to your player (skill level, prev team etc)

– shifts will be timed. and equal strength lines will play against each other as much as possible. For example, if your child is born in 2009, they will NOT be playing against a 2011 kid (unless they are the same skill)

– some players might play in the older or younger division, again, based on skill level, to match numbers and abilities as best as possible

Lan Cameron