23 May

Flood Relief Help – Shout out to U14AA Fioravanti and U12 Blue Blast

SHOUT OUT to 2 of our teams – U14AA Fioravanti and U12 Blue Blast!
Both teams helped support our community recently by contributing
to the flood relief efforts.

  • Players and their families from the U14AA Fioravanti team for this coming season came out and helped for a full evening with the sand bagging efforts. Everyone shoveled sand and tied and delivered sand bags in Fitzroy Harbour.

  • U12 Blue Blast had $500 left in team funds and the team all agreed that a donation of gas cards to West Carleton disaster relief was a great idea.  Here’s a note from one of our impacted family:

“The gas card donation is invaluable to individuals who have lost hydro and rely solely on gas powered generators.  Without these generators, home owners would not be able to pump water from their homes. Without the ability to pump water from their homes, there will be no home to return to, a horrible reality that many are already facing. You can only imagine the relief these gas cards bring to the tired and weary residents of a community that has been affected by 3 natural disasters in 3 years – the 2017 flood, the 2018 tornado, and now the 2019 flood.  For those of us living in this area, we are reminded about value and support of community, whether it be within our own neighbourhood or that of our WORA families who have proven, time and again, their support for individuals, groups, families and communities that are affected by adverse challenges.  Forever the West Carleton Community is grateful for the continued support.

WORA teams have a history of contributing to our community throughout the season. We applaud these efforts and encourage teams to continue to take time out for these activities. This can be as simple as a food drive, a clothing donation, a home game 50/50 draw, Christmas  caroling with seniors …simply each team taking the time to give back at least once per season.
Kudos again to U14AA Fioravanti and U12 Blue Blast!