02 Jun

Communication On Executive Board Changes

Hi WORA families,

Happy almost summer!

We wanted to bring you up to speed on some recent changes to the executive board based on the AGM and some subsequent changes after that meeting.

After the AGM meeting/elections we had 3 positions open up. We have been successful in filling 2 of those positions.

This was done based on our bylaws 7 section B see link


We are still currently looking for a Director of Logistics at this time. If you have any interest or questions with regards to the position please reach out to executive@westottawaringette.com.

We would be happy to discuss the duties of this role and answer any questions  (link of duties included below)


Please see below for the current Executive Membership roles for the 2019/2020 season.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact any member of the board at the email address noted below or email executive@westottawaringette.com.

President Chris Ellison president@westottawaringette.com

Vice President Dee Blaine vice.president@westottawaringette.com

Competitive Coordinator Barry Gorham competitive@westottawaringette.com

Regional Coordinator Holiday Little regional@westottawaringette.com

Registrar Julia Gorham registrar@westottawaringette.com

Treasurer Kimberly Janeczek treasurer@westottawaringette.com

Director of Logistics OPEN logistics@westottawaringette.com

Director of Administration Susan Sykes administration@westottawaringette.com

Secretary Mark McGaraughty secretary@westottawaringette.com

Director of Player Development Mike MacDougall playerdevelopment@westottawaringette.com