16 Oct

Say Cheese! Team Photo Information

Team photos will take place at the Bell Sensplex in Kanata (in the field house) on either Saturday October 19th or Sunday October 20th. Please refer to the schedule that was sent to you for the date and time you were assigned.

Prior To Photo Day

Order forms can now be completed in advance here.

Once order form is completed, you will have the option of paying for the order online using a credit card or selecting pay in cash on site.

Both options will require you to print the form or the receipt and bring with you on photo day.

Please note that photo day is CASH ONLY.  Credit cards will only be accepted on our site prior to photo day.

Photo Day Procedures

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

Your child should be in full uniform. Please bring your skates, gloves and stick with you. No hockey bags will be allowed inside the hall except for goalies.

Upon your arrival, please visit one of our cashier stations with your order receipt or order form and payment.

Once your order has been completed, your team will be directed to one of the photography stations.

Individuals will be taken first to allow a few extra minutes for late arrivals

The entire process will take 20 minutes or less. Due to high amount of teams, we will be unable to delay a team for absent players.

Any absent players will be given the opportunity to have their individual photo taken on absentee night. Absentees will not be added to the group photo.