22 Jun

Early Bird Registration ends on June 30th

Just a reminder that our Early Bird pricing for the 2018-2019 season is in effect until June 30th.  

To register for next season please go to our on-line registration site. Existing members can log in using your PIN numbers (if you have forgotten your PINs you can have them emailed to you from the site – look for ‘Have Your Forgotten Your PIN’). New members will need to sign up for an account (a step by step guide is provided on the site).

Please Note: You will be required to either opt in or opt out of our grocery card fundraising program at the time of registration. For those not familiar with the program please visit our website here for more information.

For more details on registration please see our registration page.


If you’ve already registered for this upcoming season we extend our thanks and please disregard this message.

Have a great summer and we’ll see you all around the rink!

15 Sep

Fall Tryouts and Sortouts


***Please check back often to verify any changes that may occur.

U8 Novice Schedule

Sat., Sept. 24th    Bell Sensplex-Mattamy   4:15 PM       Team Balancing Scrimmage

U9 Novice Schedule

Sat., Sept. 24th   Bell Sensplex-Mattamy      5:15 PM    Team Balancing Scrimmage

U10 Novice Schedule

Saturday, Sept. 24th     GRC – B          1:15 PM        Team Balancing Scrimmage


U12 Petite Schedule (Regional)

Monday, Sept. 19th         GRC – B                                5:15 PM      Sort out #2 (A – K) 

Monday, Sept. 19th         GRC – B                                6:15 PM      Sort out #2  (L – Z)

Wednesday, Sept. 21st        GRC – B                           5:15 PM – 7:15 PM      Team Balancing Scrimmages*

*Please come ready to play at 5:15PM.  

As part of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), ALL U12 PETITE PLAYERS need to have their skills rated against the LTAD Skills Matrix.  Even if you attend tryouts for our Provincial teams, you must also attend these sessions.


 Sat., Sept 24th           GRC – A        10:00 AM        Skills Matrix (PP Blue & PP Red)

Sat., Sept 24th            GRC – A         11:00 AM        Skills Matrix (U12 Regional A – K)

Sat., Sept 24th            GRC – A         12:00 PM        Skills Matrix (U12 Regional L – Z)

U19 – BELLE  B

Teams are balanced in ERRA at U19B.

Tues, Sept. 20th             Jack Charron           6:00 pm            U19B Sort out #1

Fri., Sept. 23rd                GRC – A                  8:00 pm            U19B Sort out #2

13 Mar

2015 Tax Receipts

This is a reminder to all WORA members that the 2015 Child Fitness tax receipts are available this year through our on-line registration system.

To access your tax receipts please do the following:

  • Go to wora.e2esports.com.
  • Click the “Members” tab on the top left and log in using your PINs.
  • If you have forgotten your PINs, you can have them emailed to you from that same page (click on ‘Have your forgotten your PIN?’)
  • Once logged in, go to the “Tax Receipts” tab.
  • You should see links to email a receipt to yourself, for those programs that are eligible.  Eligible programs are:  season registration, power skating, dryland, fundraising opt out fee.
For those members that attended the 2015 Summer Camp – those tax receipts will be emailed to you within the next 2 weeks as registrations were done in our previous system.
If you have any questions, please email registrar@westottawaringette.com.