Goalie Incentive Program

WORA is proud to acknowledge the unique skills & team dedication that our goalies demonstrate every time they step on the ice.

Our Goalie Incentive Program is intended to recognize those players who are willing to take on this challenge. We want to recognize the effort to participate as a goalie in a game. No matter the outcome of the game, these players should feel very proud that they stepped on the ice as a WORA goalie!

These incentives are available to all Regional teams who do not have a full time goalie (a full time goalie is considered either a single player acting as full-time goalie or 2 players sharing the goalie position).

WOW Ringette Goalie Challenge Ribbons

WOW Ringette Goalie Challenge ribbons are intended to be handed out to players who are trying the position of goaltender in a game (Ex. Exhibition, league or tournament games).

  • 1 Game ribbon (Black) – 1st game played
  • 3 Game ribbon (Red) – 3rd game played
  • 5 Game ribbon (White) – 5th game played

A player can collect up to three different ribbons in a season.

We encourage all players at the U8, U9 and U10 levels to try being goalie at least once during the year and the duties should be rotated throughout the year.

The ribbons should be handed out by the coach or the manager, preferably in a setting that immediately recognizes the achievement in front of the team. The dressing room after the game is the perfect setting.

While the program is targeted towards the younger players, don’t underestimate the desire to earn a ribbon at the U12 or U14 age groups.

A starter supply of ribbons is provided to U8, U9, U10 and U12R teams at the beginning of the season. Additional ribbons may be requested as needed. Please return all unused goalie ribbons to the Director of Administration at the end of the season.

Team Pizza Party/Booster Juice

Pizza party or a round of Booster Juice for any team that has 5 players or more who take a turn playing a game in net. Please complete the Goalie Incentive Program Reimbursement Form to obtain reimbursement of pizza party or booster juice costs.

Reimbursement will be limited to $7 per player on the team’s TRF, once per season. The deadline to submit requests for reimbursement is March 31. Please use the Goalie Incentive Reimbursement Form to submit your request.

Booster Juice Gift Card

A Booster Juice gift card for any single goalie who plays 5 games in net. Please contact the Goalie Coordinator to obtain gift cards.