02 Jun

Communication On Executive Board Changes

Hi WORA families,

Happy almost summer!

We wanted to bring you up to speed on some recent changes to the executive board based on the AGM and some subsequent changes after that meeting.

After the AGM meeting/elections we had 3 positions open up. We have been successful in filling 2 of those positions.

This was done based on our bylaws 7 section B see link


We are still currently looking for a Director of Logistics at this time. If you have any interest or questions with regards to the position please reach out to executive@westottawaringette.com.

We would be happy to discuss the duties of this role and answer any questions  (link of duties included below)


Please see below for the current Executive Membership roles for the 2019/2020 season.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact any member of the board at the email address noted below or email executive@westottawaringette.com.

President Chris Ellison president@westottawaringette.com

Vice President Dee Blaine vice.president@westottawaringette.com

Competitive Coordinator Barry Gorham competitive@westottawaringette.com

Regional Coordinator Holiday Little regional@westottawaringette.com

Registrar Julia Gorham registrar@westottawaringette.com

Treasurer Kimberly Janeczek treasurer@westottawaringette.com

Director of Logistics OPEN logistics@westottawaringette.com

Director of Administration Susan Sykes administration@westottawaringette.com

Secretary Mark McGaraughty secretary@westottawaringette.com

Director of Player Development Mike MacDougall playerdevelopment@westottawaringette.com


23 May

Flood Relief Help – Shout out to U14AA Fioravanti and U12 Blue Blast

SHOUT OUT to 2 of our teams – U14AA Fioravanti and U12 Blue Blast!
Both teams helped support our community recently by contributing
to the flood relief efforts.

  • Players and their families from the U14AA Fioravanti team for this coming season came out and helped for a full evening with the sand bagging efforts. Everyone shoveled sand and tied and delivered sand bags in Fitzroy Harbour.

  • U12 Blue Blast had $500 left in team funds and the team all agreed that a donation of gas cards to West Carleton disaster relief was a great idea.  Here’s a note from one of our impacted family:

“The gas card donation is invaluable to individuals who have lost hydro and rely solely on gas powered generators.  Without these generators, home owners would not be able to pump water from their homes. Without the ability to pump water from their homes, there will be no home to return to, a horrible reality that many are already facing. You can only imagine the relief these gas cards bring to the tired and weary residents of a community that has been affected by 3 natural disasters in 3 years – the 2017 flood, the 2018 tornado, and now the 2019 flood.  For those of us living in this area, we are reminded about value and support of community, whether it be within our own neighbourhood or that of our WORA families who have proven, time and again, their support for individuals, groups, families and communities that are affected by adverse challenges.  Forever the West Carleton Community is grateful for the continued support.

WORA teams have a history of contributing to our community throughout the season. We applaud these efforts and encourage teams to continue to take time out for these activities. This can be as simple as a food drive, a clothing donation, a home game 50/50 draw, Christmas  caroling with seniors …simply each team taking the time to give back at least once per season.
Kudos again to U14AA Fioravanti and U12 Blue Blast!
17 May

Volunteer Positions for the 2019/2020 Season

We are looking to fill a number of volunteer positions
for the upcoming 2019/2020 season

It takes many volunteers to run our Association successfully. Every season, a number of positions become available and this year is no exception.

• Power skating Coordinator – this individual is responsible for working with the provider for our power skating program and communicating with players and parents about the program throughout the season.

Junior Bunnies Coordinator and Senior Bunnies Coordinator – these individuals (2 positions) will work in an “off ice” capacity and are responsible for coordination of our Bunny program. These individuals will work with and support the on-ice volunteers and communicate with the players and parents about the program.

Qualifications Coordinator – this individual is responsible for tracking the qualification requirements for the various bench staff positions and pulling together the required report from our Association to the NCRRL.

Ice Scheduler – working with the current Ice Scheduler during the 2019/2020 season and then assuming the position the following season, this individual is responsible for scheduling ice and practice times for our teams.

• Fundraising Coordinatornew this year, this individual will be responsible for looking into possible corporate (or other) sponsorship and fundraising opportunities for our Association.

• Player Advocate – also new this year, this individual will act as a liaison between players or parents and our bench staff or the Association to address issues or concerns that may arise for our members.

• Novice Coordinator – this individual is responsible for overseeing our Novice teams to help share coaching information and support the coaches and teams at the Novice level.

• Tournament Coordinator – this individual is responsible for overseeing our annual Association tournament, which typically takes place in February.

These are high-level descriptions to help give a general sense of what’s involved in each of the role. If you are interested in any of these positions, or would like more information, please send an email to executive@westottawaringette.com or speak directly with any member of the Executive.

Image result for free images board of directors

Interested in a Board position?
We are also looking for new board members for the upcoming season. Interested? Send an email to the Executive or speak directly with a current Director. New Directors will be appointed at the AGM (next Tuesday). Interested candidates should let the Executive know they are interested in advance of the meeting.

13 May

U19 Spring Tryout Update

The U19 competitive spring tryout schedule has been finalized by ERRA.  WORA is hosting a U19A team for the 2019-2020 season.

Unfortunately, WORA will not be hosting a U19AA team for the 2019-2020 season but will be holding tryouts for our U19A team.

U19A Tryout information and schedules can be found at – https://www.westottawaringette.com/tryoutsort-out-schedule/

For all those who were not aware, the tryout registration on the WORA site needs to be completed and payment received before players go on the ice next week.

This is a different registration than the one completed through the ERRA site.

The link to register and pay through WORA is here: http://wora.e2esports.com/Membership/Default.aspx

Note: You must create a new account as our website has changed; choose members, login, sign up and start with your email.

Any questions regarding registration should be directed to registrar@westottawaringette.com

For players from other Associations – please also sign up on the site, however, you can bring the $75 fee and tryout notification form to the first tryout.

12 May

Congratulations – AAA Eastern Team members

Congratulations to WORA players Caitlin Fioravanti and Jalena Marelic and WORA alumni players Annabel Durr, Megan Kozak and Abby Manson for being named to the 2019-20 Eastern Region AAA team for next season.

WORA coach Colleen Hagan has been named an Assistant Coach!

The AAA teams will compete in a series of 3 Challenge Cups in October, December and January, followed by the Ontario Winter Games in Orillia in late February 2020. This is a well deserved honour for these players and coach.

Your WORA family will be cheering you on next season! Best of luck to the players trying out for the United AAA team in the coming weeks.