Grocery Card Program

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You can save $65 on registration fees by participating in our grocery card fundraising program for registrations on your full season registration, available from Bunnies up to U19.  Enrolment in the program is simple, saves you money, and is a great fundraising effort for our association.

How it works

When you register your child, you have the option of opting In or opting out of the Grocery Card Program. When you have opted in to the Grocery Card Program, you are agreeing to have West Ottawa Ringette Association withdraw $250 each month from October to March (total of 6 months) where this will be returned to you in the form for a $250 Loblaws Grocery Card (each month).

The gift cards do not expire, and can be used like cash at any of the following stores: Your Independent Grocers, Loblaws, No Frills, and Real Canadian Superstore.

Opting In

When you opt in to the program, you will receive an immediate $65 discount on your registration for that player.  Next, you will need to fill out the enrolment form which signifies your commitment to the program.  Starting on October 1 and going to March 1 of the current season, $250 will be withdrawn from your bank account each month for each card you request.  The Association’s Grocery Card Coordinator will then order all the cards for the association and distribute them to your team’s Grocery Card Coordinator to distribute to you within the first 1 – 2 weeks of the year (WITH GROCERY CARD PROGRAM).

Opting Out

When you opt out of the program, you are charged the standard registration fee with no additional commitments (WITHOUT GROCERY CARD PROGRAM).

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this benefit the association?

Based on the number of cards that are ordered, West Ottawa receives a 5% discount for each bulk order, per month, from the entire association.  The funds raised as a result of this program allow West Ottawa Ringette Association to fund initiatives like:

  • Goalie Clinics
  • Purchasing new equipment
  • Goalie Reward Programs
  • Player Development Allowances
  • And much more

In addition, this allows us to keep yearly membership fees down on an ongoing basis.

Can I still write cheques for the program?

A: If you would prefer to write a cheque, your check must be written for the full amount in the initial October deposit in which case you will receive all of your cards in the first month of October.

How does the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) happen?

WORA has setup an EFT account via Bank of Nova Scotia to enable this functionality that will allow direct debit withdrawals from your bank account into WORA’s main bank account to enable processing of monthly Grocery Card withdrawals.

Is the process secure?

Yes. The EFT process can only be accessed from one authorized machine on a secured, wired connection. Every month the Treasurer will prepare the EFT withdrawal and will submit this to the Vice President for approval. Once your account is setup for your set withdrawal amount, the information cannot be changed. Both the Vice President and Treasurer review the funds to be transferred before they are submitted.

What if I want to receive all my grocery cards at once?

When completing the enrolment form, please indicate that you want to receive all your cards at once and we will only perform one withdrawal for the entire amount on October 1st.

What happens if my withdrawal bounces for that month?

The WORA Treasurer will follow-up with you for payment for that month in the plan, similar to how current cheque bounces are handled. You will not receive your grocery card for that period until your payment has been cleared.

What if something goes wrong?

Please contact the WORA Treasurer at for assistance.