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At the heart of ringette is the ability of a player to skate. However, skating is an art that requires proper teaching and years of practice. The advantages of learning the proper techniques provide the player with efficiency, mobility, agility, explosiveness, power, stability, and speed. Rink athletes of all ages are continually updating and adapting their skating skills to ensure these benefits are continually gained through their professional lives. A better skater gains a better experience in the game because they gain the confidence and skills to participate and compete.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Provide continued skating skill development for all players who are interested.
  • Encourage players on competitive teams to develop efficient skating techniques, increase speed, agility, and technical aspects of skating which will accelerate development.
  • Partner with GSC (Skate Canada) on creating a fun-focused young/beginner level skating development program. (Bunnies)
  • Partner with Skate Canada on Ringette skating skill development.
  • Partner with Peak Centre on skating explosiveness, speed and strength.
  • Maintain a cost competitive program.

Why CanPower Program?

CanPower is a nationally regulated Power Skating program in Canada developed by experts in Hockey, Ringette, and Figure Skating. WORA partners with the Goulbourn Skating Club to provide Novice, Regional and U12 Provincial players with a program designed to improve skating skill, power, stability and speed.

Why Peak Center Program?

WORA partners with the Peak Center Academy to provide our U14 and U16 AA/A players with a skating programmed designed to improve on skating technique while focussing on agility, explosiveness, power and better speed. This program combines both on-ice training with off-ice fitness training to enhance power and strength.

CanPower Registration

Register here for CanPower

Registration for the 2018-2019 CanPower skating programs is now open. Registration is done via the West Ottawa’s Registration system.

Existing members can log in with their PIN numbers. If this is your first time using the system you will need to set up an account by clicking on the Members tab on the registration site and creating a new account. A step by step guide is available on the registration site.

Dates and Times

CanPower Program Dates and Times (Novice, U12P, Regional)

Day Time Arena Duration Group Target Skaters Fee
Monday 6:00 pm Richmond 19 weeks
(Oct 1 – Mar 4)
WORA only Novice (U8, U9, U10) – skaters grouped by ability $365
Monday 6:00 pm Richmond 10 weeks*
(Oct 1 – Dec 10)
WORA only Novice (U8, U9, U10) – skaters grouped by ability $210
Monday 6:00 pm Richmond 9 weeks* WORA only Novice(U8, U9, U10)  – skaters grouped by ability $190
Monday 7:00 pm Richmond 19 weeks

(Oct 1 – Mar 4)

PUBLIC** U10 and stronger Novice skaters $365
Tuesday 5:00 pm GRC-A 21 weeks
(Oct 2 – Mar 5)
WORA only U12 Provincial $405
Tuesday 7:00 to 7:50 p.m. GRC-A 21 weeks
(Oct 2 – Mar 5)
PUBLIC** U12, U14 Regional $405

* limited 10-week and 9-week spots available, first come first served.

** All PUBLIC sessions are grouped with hockey players of varying ability and spots are contingent upon availability.

There are no sessions Oct. 8, Nov. 24, Dec. 24, 25, 29, 31, Jan 1, Feb 18

Peak Centre Program Dates and Times (U14/U16 A/AA)

 Our U14 and U16 A and AA competitive teams participate in power and edge skating sessions along with gym training sessions provided by the Peak Centre for Human Performance. The Peak Centre is located at the Bell Sensplex and sessions run on Monday nights.

Day Time Arena Duration Session Target Skaters
Monday 6:00 / 7:00 pm Bell Sensplex
Peak Centre
20 weeks*
(Sep 17 – Feb 25)
Gym Training U14/U16 A/AA Teams
Monday 7:00 / 8:00 pm Bell Sensplex Peak Centre 10 weeks*
(Sep 17 – Nov 26)
Power Skating U14/U16 A/AA Teams

*Alternating weeks, team schedules posted on team pages.

 Sessions mandatory for U14/U16 A/AA teams; registration not required. Teams are invoiced directly.

West Ottawa CanPower/Peak Centre Program Feedback

Your feedback is very important to us and to our power skating partners.  We are committed to providing a program that improves your skaters’ skills and abilities while meeting the expectations of you as a parent/guardian.  If you have any feedback or concerns associated with the program throughout the year, please email our  Powerskating Coordinator so that we may work with the coaches to continue to improve the program.

West Ottawa Power Skating Registration Refunds

Please see the West Ottawa Ringette Association Refund Policy.