2019 Tournament Rules


  • The West Ottawa Ringette tournament is sanctioned by the Ontario Ringette Association and therefore all Ontario Ringette Association Sanctioned Tournament Rules and Ringette Canada Official Rules will be enforced unless otherwise specified.
  • In accordance with City of Ottawa by-laws, please ensure that your bench staff walks around the boards to the benches and not across the ice. If a member of the bench staff goes on the ice to assist an injured player, he/she MUST wear a helmet, therefore, please ensure your team has a spare helmet on the bench at all times. Also as part of this bylaw, bench staffs are not permitted on the ice to shake hands at the end of the game. Players are encouraged to skate by the opposing bench and shake hands from there.
  • There shall be no more than five bench staff allowed on the bench at any one time and one of them must be female, 18 years or older. All bench staff must be properly qualified for their position.
  • The Home team shall have the choice of sweater color in case of a conflict. (please be aware that many Quebec teams do not have a second set of jerseys so if a conflict occurs with them we ask that the other team change jerseys.)
  • A Risk Management & Safety Incident Report must be completed if a player is injured and unable to complete a game as well as an Accident Claim Report if a player must go to the hospital (forms available at the Tournament Desks).
  • Medals will be presented off-ice. After Final games, we ask that players change and vacate the dressing rooms and gather in the Lobby of the arena for the medal presentations. Bench staff will not be receiving medals.
  • Air or mechanically assisted horns are not permitted at any of the facilities.

Keeping the Tournament Running On Time

  • • All members of the bench staff must sign the game sheet 30 MINUTES prior to game time.
  • Teams must be dressed and ready to go on the ice 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED GAME TIME for all games. Failure to ice a team within 5 minutes of notification to begin the game may result in forfeiture of the game.
  • The Home team is responsible for providing a competent individual to serve as scorekeeper for the game. A volunteer will be provided for the out of province teams (except Gatineau).
  • Two minutes will be allowed for on-ice warm-up for all games. This warm-up will start as soon as the Zamboni doors are closed and it is each team’s responsibility to have their players lined up and ready to take the ice. Team cheer should take place within this warm-up period. It is important that we all do our part to keep the games on schedule. Undue delays may result in a delay of game penalty.
  • In Ontario, players are permitted on the ice before the referees.
  • In the event of injury to a goalie, that player is allowed up to 5 minutes to recuperate from the injury or to leave the ice. If the injured goalkeeper is replaced, that player may not return to the ice until the play has resumed.
  • If an alternate goalkeeper is already dressed, that player must immediately replace the injured goalkeeper – no warm up is allowed. If no alternate goalkeeper is already dressed, an additional 5 minutes is allowed to dress and warm up a replacement goalkeeper.
  • If the goalie receives a major or misconduct penalty, a maximum of 5 minutes will be allowed to replace the goalie with an eligible teammate.
  • Running time can only be used in the second period and will commence at any time during that period when there is a seven (7) goal differential. If the goal differential is reduced to six or less then the game will go back to stop time. If a penalty is called during running time, then the clock stops and restarts when play commences. The clock will stop for injuries or if a time out is called and restarts when play commences.
  • If the goal spread is 7 or greater, additional goals will be recorded on the scoresheet but not posted on the scoreboard.
  • Flooding of the ice between games may be skipped solely at the discretion of the convenor if the games are behind schedule.
  • Any deviation from Zamboni time by the officials is not protestable.

Shot Clock

  • All ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and U12 level divisions will be playing with the 30 second shot clock. The U8, U9, and U10 divisions will not use a shot clock.


  • • Round robin games, tied at the end of regulation play, will remain tied with each team receiving one point.
  • Final games and any sudden death semi-final games that are tied at the end of regulation play will go to sudden victory over time. A coin toss will decide which team starts with the ring and play will proceed with successive fifteen minute periods where the first team to score a goal wins the game.
  • We will be following the ORA tie-breaking formula, this is available for viewing at the Tournament Desks.

Situations Involving Abuse and Harassment

[fruitful_alert type=”alert-danger”]No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated from the spectators or coaches..[/fruitful_alert]

  • ORA Sanction Event Code of Conduct – Any person who interferes with the game, verbally abuses or harasses an official, player or bench staff, will be asked to leave the playing area and not to return. The Head Coach will be notified by an on-ice official to remove the person. If after 3 minutes the person has not left, a penalty will be assigned to the team associated with the person who is at fault. If the person refuses to leave, the team with the unsportsmanlike conduct may forfeit the game.

Rules Specific to U9 Level of Play

  • Basic ringette rules will be observed. Penalties will be assessed in the normal fashion; however, penalty time to be served will be one (1) minute.
  • All players, including goalies, must rotate through all positions.

Rules Specific to U8 Level of Play

  • • One coach per team is to be on the ice during play for instructional purposes.
    • The two minute buzzer will be used to introduce line changes. A line change will see five new players on the ice.
  • Basic ringette rules will be observed. When a penalty is assessed, possession of the ring will be awarded to the non-penalized team in the normal fashion; however, no penalty time will be served.
  • No score will be posted
  • All players, including goalies, must rotate through all positions.

Good Luck!