15 Jan

Congratulations to U12 Ferguson

Congratulations to U12R Ferguson for their silver medal at the Burlington tournament! The Shadows fought hard and played some amazing ringette on their way to a silver medal. The weekend was full of smiles, fun and some bowling to unwind.
Great job Shadows and Go Wild!!


08 Jan

Tournament Congratulations

Congratulations to U12 Cote for going 4-0 in Round-Robin play at the Whitby tournament this weekend and earning Silver in a hard-fought final.

U12-Fioravanti earned Gold this weekend at the Cambridge tournament. With great teamwork, they went undefeated in their round-robin games and won gold in the finals.

20 Nov

Nepean Tournament Congratulations

Congratulations to U9 Ferguson, U12 Ferguson, U10 Nunnikoven, U10 Bell and U16B Burke on their great success this weekend at the Nepean Tournament.

U9 Ferguson (Gold)

Congratulations to U9 Ferguson for their gold medal performance this weekend. The girls played some amazing ringette, had a lot of fun and made some great memories along the way. Each and every girl played a major part on the weekend as well as in the championship game.

U10 Nunnikoven (Gold) and Bell (Silver)

Congratulations to both U10-Nunnikhoven and U10-Bell for a 1-2 finish at the Nepean Ringette Annual Tournament. After a back and forth game where both sides brought their best, U10-Nunnikhoven captured gold in a 6-5 win over U10-Bell who earned the silver.

After the game both teams were full of smiles and celebrated as friends.

U12 Ferguson (Gold)

Congratulations to the U12R Ferguson team on their gold medal this weekend in the Nepean tournament. The girls came ready to play in the final and played an outstanding defensive game against Arnprior winning the final 6-1. The girls were pumped up and excited all weekend long and their energy showed on the ice. An amazing team effort with all girls part of the team’s success.

U16B Burke

Congratulations to U16B Burke who earned Silver in a great finals match against Nepean.